“Picture taken using a niji on a Sainsbury Lab confocal microscope, 100ms exposure. Looks much brighter than anything I have seen with a short arc mercury light source.”

Gareth Evans, Senior Imaging Technician
Sainsbury Laboratory, University of Cambridge

Fluorescence Microscopy – LED Light Source for Microscopes

LEDs are better, but don’t just take our word for it.

Reducing the Risk of Mercury Exposure for a Sustainable Future

Taking LEDs to a new level

The niji from Bluebox Optics is a revolutionary and innovative LED light source that is ideally suited to the demands of fluorescence microscopy.

Up to seven LED wavelengths

With up to seven LED wavelengths the niji delivers powerful, multi-wavelength excitation from UV to NIR. niji is the ideal LED light source for single and multiband fluorescence microscopy.

User-changeable LEDs and filters

niji’s uniquely reconfigurable mainframe allows you to change LEDs and filters in minutes, offering additional excitation centre wavelengths, excitation bands, and output power options.

Future-proof Investment

There’s no need to know today what wavelengths you need in the future. niji combines a low-cost entry point with an easy and low-cost upgrade path, making your investment in fluorescent microscope illumination future-proof.

Why it’s essential to go for an LED-based source?

For many years using mercury lamps were the way to go, but latest research results show that LED light sources for microscopes have a number of advantages over mercury lamps.

Low Power Consumption

Low power consumption delivers significant savings in whole life costs.

Reduced Out-of-band Photo Bleaching

Reduced out-of-band photo bleaching and filter bleed-through to deliver clearer images.

Zero Toxicity Materials

The niji does not use any toxic materials making it safer with no disposal costs and problems.

Controllable Low Level Light

Highly controllable light levels deliver reduced photo bleaching and toxicity.

At Bluebox Optics we are about bringing value, versatility and service to the customer. We have spent many years serving customers, we believe in what we do and support our product, but more importantly we believe in what you, as the research community, bring to society. We want to help you to enrich the lives of all of us by offering good quality, good value instruments you can depend on to do your research.

The first product from Bluebox Optics is the niji. It’s ground breaking in its flexibility, and brings that service and support closer to the customer. It’s a 7 colour LED light source but it can be ordered with as many or as few colours as you need. Just need 2 channels? Sure, no problem! But then as your research evolves there’s a new far red probe released which is gentler on the tissue, no problem again, just buy the new LED module and job done. Need a new LED wavelength, of course, just ask and we’ll get one to you as soon as possible. They can be fitted on site so no return to base needed. If you need any support of filters, blocks, light guides, new collimator ring for an unusual microscope? If we can help you we will. If you would like to find out more on the niji LED light source solution for fluorescence microscopy, please contact us today.

Future-proof made easy

The niji comes your way. You can buy the complete niji system pre-loaded with all seven modules or just choose the colours you need and upgrade later!
Numerous adaptors, light guides, and collimators are available to go with most standard microscopes.

Complete niji System

LED Modules

Liquid Light Guides


Let’s Work Together

If you are not sure where to get the niji from, or you are a distributor who is interested in adding the niji to your portfolio, let us hear from you. Just send us an email or give us a call.

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