Single Multiband Wavelength Excitation for a Mercury Free Microscope

Go mercury-free. niji, the new state-of-the-art LED light source helps to eliminate mercury from microscopy.

The niji is a revolutionary innovation in mercury-free microscopy, taking advantage of recent advances in lighting technology. With a much smaller environmental impact, this low cost modular LED source with single or multiband wavelength illumination is leading the way. We care about the environment and are trying to help users who care too. The niji can help you to remove dangerous toxins and has far less power consumption than damaging mercury lamps, helping to do your bit toward the environmental impact of research. We’ve tried to use the latest technology to reduce the impact of production but also used old technology and made our packaging recyclable or degradable where possible. You may also be able to benefit from a sustainability grant from your institution to help you switch to new “green tech”. Find out more with our very approximate running cost comparison example (*costs will vary around the world, this is meant for illustrative purposes!).

Cost Saving Chart


Cost Mercury lamp Metal Halide Lamp LED light engine Niji (7 channel)
Bulbs used in niji lifetime (20,000 hours) Lifetime ~250 hours 80 Lifetime ~ 2500


Cost of bulbs used ~ £250 per bulb


~£500 per bulb £4000 N/A
Energy consumed in 20,000 hours usage 0.140 kWh/h 2,800 kWh 0.22 kWh/h 4,400 kWh 0.04 kWh/h

800 kWh

Electricity cost in 20,000 hours usage (12.4p/kWh) £347.20 £545.60 £99.20
Overall disposal cost ~£3.5 per bulb £280 ~£3.5 per bulb £28 N/A
Cost over 20,000 hours £20,627.20 £4573.60 £99.20
Cost per hour £1.03 £0.22 £0.005

But, why should I choose a niji?

Benefit from the uniquely reconfigurable mainframe and the future-proof design of the niji.

niji combines a low-cost entry point with an easy and affordable upgrade path suitable for use in research institutes, hospitals, universities and pharmaceutical companies. No need to know today which wavelengths you’ll need tomorrow with our mercury-free, modular lab equipment.

Individually addressable, individually filtered LED channels

The niji delivers powerful, multi-wavelength excitation from the UV to the NIR, specifically designed for single and multiband fluorescence microscopy.

Fully compatible with microscopes and microscope software

Fully compatible with most standard microscopes, MicroManager, MicroManager 2, Metamorph and a wide range of other software packages from the major manufacturers. Contact us for more information. We also supply a universal collimator with common adapter rings for mechanical fitment.

Individual excitation filters

Each LED can be filtered at the source, allowing the user to sequence images very quickly.

Constant current and optical power LED drive modes

Both constant current and constant optical power LED drive modes are selectable, enabling fast imaging speed and high excitation power stability over long periods.

User-changeable LEDs and filters

niji’s uniquely reconfigurable mainframe allows you to change LEDs and filters easily in minutes, offering additional excitation centre wavelengths, excitation bands, and output power options.

Control individually or simultaneously

Wavelength, power, and emission channel can all be controlled using the manual controller (tablet), via software, or both at the same time. If you would like to find out more about our niji LED light source for single and multiband fluorescence microscopy, please contact us today.

niji’s individual wavelength spectrum

Features & specs

Modular Channels Up to seven channels, user-fit*
Sources Solid state LED
Wavelength Range 380 – 730 nm available
Noise Level Approx. 47 dB
Bandpass Filters Individual bandpass filter holders for each channel
Light Interface Liquid light guide with microscope collimators, available separately
Connection USB-A (powered), USB-B, RS232 (serial), and TTL via 15-way connector
Operation Control via dedicated software, MicroManager, MicroManager 2, tablet, or third-party software
Programmable Setup XML upload for complete flexibility
Optical Safety Key switch, light guide, and lid-off interlock
Power Consumption Standby / all light off ~5 W Single colours: green ~40 W, all other colours ~18 W All 7 colours on ~80 W
Dimensions & Weight 315 x 288 x 107 mm, 4.7 kg
Warranty 12  months, optional 3 years
Line Voltage 110V & 240V AC
Line Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption 350 VA
Operating Temperature 10 to 40 °C
Storage Temperature -10 to 60 °C
Humidity 40% to 70% RH
niji Product Codes
BN7-MF-7-3-002 niji 7-colour LED source (complete, populated unit)
BN7-MF-0-3-002 niji (mainframe only)
BN7-LED-390-001 niji UV 390 nm LED Module
BN7-LED-440-001 niji Royal Blue 440 nm LED Module
BN7-LED-470-001 niji Blue 470 nm LED Module
BN7-LED-510-001 niji Cyan 510 nm LED Module
BN7-LED-550-001 niji GY 550 nm LED Module
BN-LED-630-001 niji Red 630 nm LED Module
BN-LED-720-001 niji Far Red 720 nm LED Module
Liquid Light Guides & Collimator Product Codes
BN7-LLG-310-001 Liquid light guide, 3mm diameter, 1 m long
BN7-LLG-315-001 Liquid light guide, 3mm diameter, 1.5 m long
BN7-LLG-320-001 Liquid light guide, 3mm diameter, 2 m long
BN7-LLG-330-001 Liquid light guide, 3mm diameter, 3 m long
BN7-LLG-520-001 Liquid light guide, 5mm diameter, 2 m long (custom order only)
BN7-LLG-530-001 Liquid light guide, 5mm diameter, 3 m long (custom order only)
BN7-ZCOL-3-001 Zoom collimator for 3mm light guide (requires microscope adapter)
Microscope Adapter Product Codes
BN7-ADT-N1-001 Nikon adapter
BN7-ADT-L1-001 Leica adapter
BN7-ADT-O1-002 Olympus adapter
BN7-ADT-Z1-001 Zeiss adapter
Other Accessories
BN7-BNC-7-001 BNC breakout cable
UV Royal Blue Blue Cyan Green/Yellow Red Far Red
Wavelength (nm) 395 445 470 505 556 635 725
Bandwidth FWHM (nm) 10 18 19 31 62 18 38
Typical Optical Power (mW) 120 200 185 90 550 225 70
Recommended Filter Sets LED-DAPI-A-000 LED-CFP-A-000 LED-FITC-A-000 LED-YFP-A-000 LED-TRITC-A000


LED-Cy5-A-000 LED-Cy7-A/B-000

Note: Optical output powers are given for a ø3 mm liquid light guide, use of a 5 mm light guide will provide approx. 50% more power. Wavelengths and powers are approximate and may vary on LED batch. Each niji will be supplied with a full optical power and wavelength test data.

Light output

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Pssst, can you hear yourself thinking?

The niji is one of the quietest LED sources on the market.
With optimised fans running only when needed, you’ll be
able to hear yourself thinking.

Safety Certificates




Regulation No 1907/2006

WEEE Directive

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive 2012/19/EU



Photo-biological Safety of Lamps and Lamp Systems

Regulation No
BS EN 62471



Low Voltage Directive



Regulation Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & restriction of Chemicals

UL-certified Power Adapter

UL-certified AC power adapter

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