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Please see resources available to download below for the niji LED light source for florescence microscopy. Download the latest driver, understand a bit more about how to clean a filter, or have a look at the niji user manual. You can find it all here.

Collimator Set-up Tutorial

  1. Fit the collimator to your microscope.
  2. Fit a plastic fluorescent test slide and set the camera to get a reference level
  3. Using the niji, send light through the microscope to appropriately illuminate the slide.

4. Adjust the collimator to optimise the fluorescence seen by the camera to maximum power. We suggest moving the lens nearest the light guide first and then tune with the lens nearest the microscope
5. Done! This procedure doesn’t need to be repeated at other wavelengths as the collimator has been designed to be highly apochromatic.

User Manual

Download the user manual

For more information on how to use the niji LED light source for fluoresence microscopy, click here to download the Niji user manual (2 MB)

Terminal Commands

How to set up terminal commands

For more information on how to set up terminal commands, click here to download the user manual (405 KB)

Metamorph Driver

Ever wondered how to clean filters?

We highly recommend using high-quality optical filters as they can improve your results immensely. It is up to you, which filter manufacturer you chose, our team loves working with Semrock filters. The Semrock team kindly allowed us to share their very helpful tutorial about “how to clean Semrock optical filters”.

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Basic Niji software operation

A short video introducing the niji GUI functions.          

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Changing the niji XML code

A short video on how to customise your niji.

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Uploading an XML file

A short video introducing the XML file upload function.

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Using Micromanager

A short video on using the Bluebox niji with Micromanager.

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XML Quick Look

A short video providing a brief introduction to XML.

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